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 My goal every day, as your Justice of the Peace, will be to listen, offer peaceful, personal conflict resolution; helping everyone involved understand that laws and resolutions do not have to be a complicated, litigious process.  

  • I am Accountable to the Citizens of Collin Couty by Listening and will be Fiscally and Morally Responsible.
  • I am Accessible to the Citizens of Collin County by being available by phone or email, when possible to address your concerns and help you find answers. 
  • I am Reliable and will honor the oath of office to earn the trust of the Collin County citizens.
  • I will Follow the Rule of Law and the Constitution to protect citizens rights and freedoms.            

    I will bring Truancy back to the courtroom as it is not presently being handled by the current residing JP.  I will offer a Mentorship program for at risk youth to help uplift them and give them the tools to be successful which will in turn help them contribute to society.

I will also offer night court, so those who work during the day will not need to take off work.

I have heard that JP 2 needs a Teen Court.  When actually there is already one in place at the Collin County District Court that was implemented just over 5 years ago.


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